iTriage: Your Answer to “What’s wrong with me?”

My biggest concern with healthcare apps is that there are too many of the same thing, and no easy way to integrate the data from one application to another. Is there a place to keep my exercise goals (GPS’d runs), my weight goals (Withings scale), my health information including my medications (HealthVault), my insurance information (Simplee), AND find doctors in my area (like ZocDoc) when I need immediate attention…all in one place? Well maybe not those specific apps, but iTriage is trying to consolidate all these health information areas into one platform.

Aetna acquired Healthagen, the developer of iTriage in late 2011. The app does a good job of letting users narrow down symptoms and book doctor’s visits. iTriage also shows wait times for some emergency rooms, lets users pre-register for some ER departments, and also stores personal health records in Microsoft’s HealthVault.

The iPad-specific version of the iTriage app launched in June 2012.

The website version of the program layers in choices horizontally, so you can view and retrace your path through various symptoms.

The app is free, which is great for user implementation, but I wonder if a paid app (when you aren’t already paying for a physical product or a service) holds higher usage and retention rates. After all, if I pay for an app, even if it is only a dollar, I generally tend to use it more.

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