New Year, New Site!

When I started writing about consumer healthcare, my goal was to answer questions received from a small network of quantified-selfers – which fitness trackers are best, what apps are the most effective for fitness, how long should I wait for x, y, z? The more companies visited, CEOs interviewed, and conferences attended, the more young and vital the consumer healthcare market seemed. The $502 billion consumer healthcare market is expected to grow by nearly 50% to $737 billion over the next five years and the adoption of wearables (21% in 2014) is about 2 years behind the adoption of tablets (20% in 2012, 40% in 2014). As healthcare wearables become more widely adopted and mainstream, the additional spend will spur more growth and innovation, elevating consumer health to the next global trend. To align properly for the next phase of our blog’s expansion, we’re growing the team and shifting to a more global brand to broaden our readership and scope. We are excited to start 2015 by launching a new website with a new look. Come visit us at BoldHC!

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