Lumosity: Brain Games! (for Cognitive Enhancement)

Lumosity lets you pick which cognitive areas you want to improve on and then gives you specific games to play each day to work on those areas. When you sign up you get 3 free days of training. Each day’s session will have three to five exercises targeted to improve on the priorities you selected.

The games are developed by neuroscientists, and the site claims 25 million users. If you like what you see, you can get more days of training via a subscription based payment model. At the end of August, Lumosity raised $31.5 million in Series D funding, bringing total company funding to over $70 million to date.

I tried the Speed Match game, which was quite interesting. My only issue was that the flashcards used Chinese characters and I found myself trying to read the cards versus matching them…maybe they are testing me on multiple levels!

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One thought on “Lumosity: Brain Games! (for Cognitive Enhancement)

  1. wartica says:

    My father does these brain games all the time; he tells me he wants to be fresh at all times lol:)

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