Alexis lives in San Francisco, CA. She grew up on crab cakes and football. Alexis graduated from MIT and ran her first marathon as an analyst in Investment Banking. She worked at a Private Equity / Venture Capital firm in the bay area, and continues to be focused on healthcare companies and investments.

You can email her at editor@alexisavvy.com. She encourages comments about her blog, including new company ideas.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. fantastic site! Love your feedback.

  2. Really like your blog! Cool concept.

  3. Michelle Yam says:

    Really great work jwei. You’re killing it!

  4. Jaewon Hur says:

    Awesome site, I’m a fan!

  5. Great blog about Quantified-Self / Digital Health / Smartdevices design. Great interviews of entrepreneurs and changers. A big thank you from France Alexis

  6. Alexis – Great Blog! you are truly on the cutting edge!

  7. Arul says:

    Hey Alexis- Fantastic Blog! Highly Impressed

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