PumpUp: A Social Fitness App That Appeals to Millennials

The scope of over-sharing has changed (widened) in-line with the spread of technology. According to eMarketer, “Nearly 35 million people in the US accessed Instagram at least once per month in 2013.” Riding the trend of selfies and humble-bragging, PumpUp has created a workout community that takes the over-sharing culture and refocuses it on something worthwhile – health and fitness.

With over 1.7 million users, the app that started as a workout program has grown into a digital sharing community. Consisting mainly of women (over 90% of users), healthy recipes, tips, and envy inducing photos are posted and shared, with some getting hundreds, nearly thousands of ‘likes.’ Not to be undermined, the workout portion of the app is surprisingly robust and users can build and store their own custom exercise plans. It’s worth checking out – even for just a bit of inspiration.

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