Beast: Improve Training Performance with Portable Sensor

These past two years, sensors have moved from measuring miles walked and steps taken to collecting data on muscle activity – including force, power, and velocity. These metrics can triangulate just how efficiently you are working out at the gym. Some of these sensors are wrist wearable, like PUSH and LEO, some are built into smart fabrics like Athos, and some are additions to mobile devices like the Skulpt Aim.

Beast Technologies has developed a device that aims to calculate your speed, power and strength via a small magnetic sensor that can be easily attached to gym equipment. Although it can be worn on a chest strap or wrist strap, the sensor primarily affixes to dumbbells, kettlebells, gym machines and the like. All collected data is transmitted to an online portal and companion app.

Beast boasts a wide range of trackable parameters including jump height, stability, explosiveness, posture, and resistance. The device is currently being beta tested (the Italian National Soccer Team used Beast to monitor their athletes leading up the 2014 World Cup), and aims to be released to the public by the end of this year.

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