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Yoga Studio: Personalized Yoga Classes at Home or On The Go

For less than a small latte in San Francisco, the Yoga Studio app has a collection of 15 – 60 minute mobile and tablet optimized instructional yoga classes of varying degrees of difficulty. You can also create your own classes by selecting poses from their extensive pose library (over 1,700 yoga video clips) and stitching them together. Downloaded videos are small and don’t take up much space, and you can also play yoga classes on your TV using AppleTV AirPlay mirroring. Best of all, the app has a built in reminder system for busy people, with a scheduling function that syncs to your calendar.

This app is a great supplement to a once a week or twice a month in-person yoga classes and a great way to do guided yoga while at home, traveling or outdoors. The pose library, with over 280 poses, makes it easy to review things learned in class, at home.

When you begin your yoga session, a calm, gentle voice guides you to breathe and move into your first pose. The directions are perfectly synced to the poses, just like in a class and the app’s Smart-link feature naturally connects poses I’ve picked in my “Post-Run Yoga” session that might not naturally lead into each other.

With a busy travel season ahead of me, I will definitely be using Yoga Studio to complement my marathon training and general wellness.

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