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RunKeeper: Now I Know Just How Great You Are

I’ve been using RunKeeper this past month to track my running. I initially didn’t think I needed a tracking/training system, but RunKeeper has been exceptional.

I first downloaded the app in August 2012, but after using it once, hated the idea of carrying my phone with me on neighborhood runs. I had a small iPod for music and a watch.

How times have changed. Moving to San Francisco meant running through neighborhoods I wasn’t familiar with, and running longer distances made me want to carry my phone, really for peace of mind. I found an arm band I could use without taking my phone case off and reengaged with RunKeeper. I’m glad I did.

Looks clean and modern on iOS 7, great on iOS 6, below.

RunKeeper is easy to use, collects lots of stats in the Elite version (which is wonderful for data lovers like me), and comes with several free training programs for varying goals. RunKeeper makes me feel good about running, encourages me to plan ahead to fit sessions in and best of all, integrates with many wearable devices including the Jawbone UP, Withings and Fitbit platforms. The maps of my running routes get sent to my Jawbone UP app as well. Goals help turn every longer and longer weekend run an accomplishment.

The training page lets me look ahead and also nudges me to run, even on days I find it hard to get out of bed. Ranking pace and comparing workouts distill which running routes worked best for me and helps me improve my pace consistency. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, having a go-to training and tracking system is important. If you don’t have one, I would suggest trying RunKeeper.

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