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EyeXam: Test Your Eye Sight Anywhere

I like being prepared and going to the doctor’s office is no exception. Using EyeXam, you can test for colorblindness and approximate eyesight acuity for each eye. Then, you can locate the nearest optometrist or ophthalmologist to consult if there are any red flags from your self test – it’s pretty neat and easy to find out if you (or a family member) are color blind as well as the sharpness of your sight.

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BetterDoctor: Find the Right Doctor for You

BetterDoctor wants to help you find the right doctor, faster. The redesigned website is clear and crisp. You can bookmark favorite doctors and easily share their profiles with friends and family.

My only issue is that signups are done through Facebook. Most websites have an option – sign up through Facebook or use your own login. My personal preference is to keep my Facebook and the rest of my online presence separate. But, I’d love to hear from readers about their experience with BetterDoctor.


1. Save your favorite doctors, find ones that accept your insurance plan and are close in proximity to you, and share your doctors with friends and family.
2. Integration with Yelp: This is exactly what I want and takes a step out of the process of checking Yelp myself.
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Get to Know: EyeNetra

If you haven’t seen or toured the MIT Media Lab, I will say that it is one of the most enchanting places for innovation and design (of course I am only slightly biased towards my alma mater).

Many interesting companies and designs have been formed from ideas generated out of the Media Lab, and one I’d like to highlight is EyeNetra. The company is transforming mobile phones into devices that can take eye exams without bulky ophthalmology equipment. Now even people in remote places can get eye tests with the mobile device, and the products and services they need through the company’s mobile app.


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