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Innovation: V-Chip for Quick Blood Tests

As described in the December 18th publication of Nature, The V-Chip is a bar-chart chip that houses 50 wells, each loaded with antibodies that react to blood. Blood contains biomarkers, which are proteins that indicate the normality of your biological processes. For example, changes in a biomarker can reflect and correlate to the risk or progression of a disease. When you inject your blood sample into the chip, the biomarkers in your blood react to the pre-loaded antibodies in the wells. Enzymes prompt oxygen to be released in accordance to the amount of the triggered biomarker, which pushes the blood in each well up the chip to create a graph.

While it might take some time before the V-Chip sees commercial production, its ease of use and quick turn-around time makes it an attractive diagnostic tool. Perhaps one day it can be used to spot various diseases and indications of cancer right at the point of care.

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