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HealthPocket: Find Your Best Health Plan

By upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court confirmed that everyone in the United States must have health insurance – whether it is through an employer or through individual coverage. This past June, I had written about GoHealth, which had built their healthcare insurance search and buy platform before the Supreme Court ruling. Being a first mover is always important – but this business model can be replicated and now we are starting to see second movers take advantage of current market momentum.

HealthPocket ranks all the health plans in your zip code that best fit your age, gender and tobacco use to find the highest quality and lowest priced health insurance available. The site is free to use and the plan ratings aren’t affected by insurance companies or drug companies. The site’s goal is to be as transparent as possible so you can identify the right plan for you and save the most out-of-pocket costs.

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News Breakdown: The Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that the Obamacare mandate that requires almost everyone in the US  to buy health insurance (or pay a penalty on tax returns) is constitutional.

What this means for you: Virtually everyone in the US will need to have health insurance, or pay a tax penalty. The tax is in effect starting 2014.

The Supreme Court’s rationale: Congress has the authority to levy taxes. Therefore, Congress has the authority to pose a tax penalty on those who do not buy health insurance.

Looks like Norwest’s bet on GoHealth was well diligenced!

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