Zensorium: Measure Circulatory and Respiratory Functions with Tinké

Tinké is a small device which measures your circulatory and respiratory functions. Simply place your thumb on the device to measure your blood oxygen level, heart rate variability (less variability = more stress), respiratory rate and heart rate. The device uses optical signals to measure blood volume changes in the body to determine those four factors and then assigns you a fitness score and stress level score. Tinké is powered by your iPhone (no external charger required) and all your measurements are directly uploaded to the iPhone application, which also offers breathing exercises to de-stress.

I personally feel that this is a neat tool to use and would be interested in tracking my own metrics for a week, measuring myself at the same time, five times a day, to see how my body varies and adapts. But I also generally believe that I am a healthy individual who’s statistics won’t change very much and after a week of use, will start to ignore the device. But who knows, maybe I’ll get one next year and maybe it will surprise me. The company will release an iPhone 5 compatible version by March 2013.

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One thought on “Zensorium: Measure Circulatory and Respiratory Functions with Tinké

  1. arkafonb says:

    this sounds really enticing! would be an interesting to track these stats for some time and correlate to events in life and overall wellbeing. I would like to see a gadget that can also measure overall “artery/capillary” fitness, that would be awesome!

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