BitGym: Making Stationary Workouts More Interactive

I use the stationary bike in my living room three times a week while watching Homeland and Nashville, biking at a moderate pace. After using BitGym’s Fit Freeway for 10 minutes, in a retro-arcade-style land dodging cars and sharp turns, I’m totally in the zone. I don’t even notice that I’m pedaling like crazy until I’m off the saddle to catch my breath.

The concept of using head-tracking games to influence a more intense workout is an interesting concept. Perhaps the company will roll-out an iPad plug in – like a simple handheld one button detonator so I can shoot at dinosaurs or zombies while biking as fast as I can away from them.

For those who want a more calming application, Virtual Active takes you through beautiful locations throughout the world including Italy, the Grand Canyon, and US cities on a 10-60 minute tour while you are on your bike, elliptical or treadmill.


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