genieMD: Medication Manager and More

genieMD is an application that primarily tracks and manages your medication. The app can also track your workouts and vitals as long as you upload that information yourself. You can also watch videos to learn about various symptoms and diseases.

Have a teenager who needs to be reminded to take amoxicillin while away at camp for the summer because of an unfortunate deer tick bite? Or perhaps you know of an individual taking multiple drugs all with very different ingestion times? This app keeps medication reminders in a consolidated place, away from your Gmail or Outlook calendar.


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2 thoughts on “genieMD: Medication Manager and More

  1. Such a great idea. Especially for those of us who can never remember to take our pills.

  2. It is pretty impressive. We had the honor of interviewing the CEOM Mr Sadaat.
    It is truly a personal health manager.

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