Get to Know: The Eatery — Make Eating a Social Experience

A lot of consumer health websites target dieting, calorie counting, and fitness. The Eatery focuses on sharing your food choices with friends and getting their feedback on your meal. It’s not a calorie counter – it’s a big picture application that shows your eating habits over time.

What I also like is that the app can track what you eat at various places. For foodies who like to take quick pictures of their meal and share it with friends, this is the perfect way to diary your dining and cooking experiences.

There is also a “healthy” meter where you can grade your food choice. The meter was created with the intention of getting you back on track and eating well after a slightly less healthy derailment, although it is unknown if more people are inclined to just give up once their health score reaches a low enough point, leading them to eat poorly for the rest of the week.

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