*Consumer Spotlight describes non-healthcare focused websites that give customers a wonderful user experience.*

Healthcare sites shouldn’t be shy about using tried and true layouts and marketing techniques used by companies in other industries.

Rent the Runway does an amazing job in making renting designer dresses easy and affordable.

The homepage is concise and makes sense. Customers can easily see that the site is easy to use (reminiscent of more mature websites like Sephora, Zappos, Piperlime). There is a credible personality advocating the product (healthcare companies can use customer quotes to easy give off a similar effect), and for those potential customers who are new to the site, there is a link on the front page to tell them more about the service.

You should also note that I have been a member (signed up for emails) since August 2011 and this is my first time making a purchase. What got me over the edge? A $50 off coupon in an email as a birthday gift and finally an upcoming event I can give this a shot at.

1) Heading Bar: Easy  and familiar lay out consumers are used to – this site “makes sense.”
2) Give the Audience a Purpose: A few data points (date of rental and size) are all that is needed to get the customer deeper into the site.
3) Give Credibility: Popular / well-known star power gives credibility to the service.
4) Rule # 1— Don’t Make the Customer Feel Stupid: Don’t know how to use the site? It’s okay, here is where you can learn more about it.


1) Sort: Help the customer find what they want quickly. The filter here can be changed by: Size, Price, Color, Length, Trend, Body Type, Occasion, Sleeve, Neckline, Age, Style, Designer.
2) Relevance: Again, making the list more relevant and more tailored to the client is always better.
3) “Heart” feature differentiates what you like from what is actually put in your shopping bag. Gets customers to have many “hearted” outfits, from which they will more likely chose the perfect one. Also gives the customer the freedom to commit to a dress when they chose to do so, and to save favorites for another time.


1) Average Rating: Gets me comfortable with the dress and there are photos I can make larger and scroll through of real wearers.
2) Customer traits: Megan and I are close in body type and she a) loved the dress and b) I can actually see how it fit on her since she uploaded a photo. Now I feel like I know a real woman who tried on the dress and loved it.


1) Always pitch value add! For RTR, pitching accessories to go with a dress seems obvious. For Apple it might be pitching a car charger for your new iphone purchase. For a healthcare company it might be pitching a scale to go with your sleepmonitor.


I’ve discussed before why making the checkout process two slides rushes first-time customers and causes them to bail before making their first purchase, such as with InsideTracker.

So, why does it work here? Firstly, I have a guarantee on the dress. Secondly, I have a promo code so I’m mentally “getting a deal,” and lastly I feel that I know enough about the Company and through all the customer reviews to rent this dress with no suspicion that the Company will do me wrong.

1) This financial incentive is hardly ever used by healthcare consumer companies. Not a bad idea!

Tips for Rent the Runway (What I think would make it even better!):

1) The ability to download a calendar invite into my Gmail and Outlook on the date of my dress return, including directions on how to return, would be helpful. Then I don’t have to dig through my email and I get a calendar reminder.
2) Rent the Runway is centered towards women, but think about options for men: Renting watches, ties / bow ties, belts might also be a great option. My friend bought a $170 tie for a wedding last year and he hasn’t worn it once since then.
3) Let me automatically post on Pinterest what my outfit looks like. No better way to generate some interest to RTR and show everyone my designer outfit.
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    this is a nice article of costumer experience

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