HealthTap: Old vs. New Website

What a difference a week can make! I started this post before my birthday and came back to an entirely redesigned HealthTap website! Lucky for you, we can take an in-depth look at the design changes to the website. This will be a long post, but stay with me.

As you read on, look for a couple key things: (i) the site shifts to a more “mature” design and targets a more “mature” audience, (ii) there is a clear path for HealthTap to make money, and (iii) the design keeps the social media aspect of the site.

Let’s check out the OLD first, and then the new.


1) Jump In: Very easy to interact with the website.
2) About Us: Video about company or customer referrals would be great here.
3) Sign up: Placement not in-line with box 1 bothers the eye.
4) About us: Make this interactive; if you have 10,000 licensed physicians, maybe scroll through their photos or expand this section to have more detail. This makes it look like there are only 10 doctors.


1) Simple Nomenclature: Simple is better!
2) Wayfinding: Help people understand where they are and where to read next. Interesting that they decided to go with a more “follow the path” route rather than a straight down block format. Make the gray line a shade darker so the eye can actually follow the path.
3) Video should be on front page. Make the customer do less searching to find it!

Also note, there is great uniformity in the structure of all the pages, making it easy to follow.


1) Eyetracking: where does the eye go first? Every page has a sign up place, so why not make this part of the page instead of looking like an annoying pop-up? Having a sign-up section on every page is also good for data analytics. HealthTap can see which pages lead to clicking on “sign up” the most.
2) Wording: Key choice of using the word “member” and not customer, client, or patient.


1) Consistency: You have to give it to them for consistency – the sign up bar is everywhere…even on the sign up page!
2) Call To Action: Good placement of information on the app. More downloads of the app will mean more user compliance to the site.
3) Facebook Connect: Facebook connect seems to be everywhere and it’s a good thing to have. However, I’d like to know what percent of users actually go this route. I’d venture to guess—not many. With limited information on how question postings work, and no sentence telling me my information won’t be posted directly to Facebook, I am cautious. I would rather not have an embarrassing question be posted on my wall like a Spotify song.


1) User Map: Always important to tell your customers where they are in the sign up process, especially if it is a lengthy one.
2) Level Up!: A points system is interesting. However HealthTap isn’t a game and incorporating a “gaming” aspect may not work well. I wonder if you can buy “points,” wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Why is this page so user friendly and familiar? Because likely you’ve already seen this! Using conceptual models users are already familiar with will make users more easily adapt to your site and HealthTap does this well.

1) Facebook: Taking the activity feed idea and making it pertinent to your health
2) Twitter: Follow doctors like you would on twitter, similar to friending on Facebook
3) LinkedIn/Gaming: Similar to LinkedIn’s “profile completeness” percentage

Success Metrics: HealthTap is tracking (for a site this sophisticated they must be!) the average “ask a doctor” requests per person, number of doctor “follows”/person, and amount of health points/person. These success metrics will help HealthTap assign goals for customer consistency and retention. This data can also be used to encourage doctors and programs to sign up. Metrics are very important and all websites should have them. Data collection is often the most important thing at the end of the day.



1) Tiny Text: “About” is tiny and lonely in plain text. I would make it a bubble like Log In and Sign Up and put it on the far right of the heading bar.
2) Video: Thank you! The video to learn more about HealthTap pops up when you click Learn More. This is also a brand new video! Instead of popsicle stick, ambiguous test tube looking people, cartoon people are used.
3) Scrolling: Questions and answers scroll at the bottom and you can click on them to see the full question and answers. This is much more descriptive and helpful!


1) Static Bar: The static bar looks more professional and still catches your eye at the top of every page.
2) Blocking: You can see how distinctly blocked this is—the flowy path is no longer used.


The sign up pages are much cleaner and the colors are more mature and subdued.

1) Four simple steps instead of five:
     i) Still Improve Your Case: A tiny bit of background is needed
     ii) Personalize Your Answers: Ask as many specific questions for doctors as you would like
     iii) Find the Best Doctors: More to follow and the interface is a lot cleaner
     iv) Connect Directly With Physicians: You can search for and connect with your own doctor
2) Duplication: Notifies the member how far along they are even though the top part does as well. This infers that HealthTap generally looses some interest along the way and is now more focused on getting the member through the activation steps.


Don’t fix what is not broken.

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) LinkedIn/Gaming

I’m a big fan of HealthTap because I think it can give me a better indication of what my aliments are, before I go to see a doctor. Also, for a fee, I can send a doctor a specific and direct message (HIPAA compliant and private). Technology is surely changing the world.

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