Ringadoc: Good Concept, Site Leaves me Unconvinced

Ringadoc allows you to call a doctor at any time and is mostly geared to those without insurance or have an immediate, afterhours problem. You pay a flat fee for one call or a bundled price for multiple calls. The doctors can even prescribe basic drugs. Unfortunately for those with insurance, there is no copay discount. Ringadoc is currently only available in California (Beta testing in other states).

1) Text Size: This is what you see when you go to the “Learn More” tab. How can I learn more when I can’t actually see the text because it is so small? You have to click each individual Learn More link to get to more substantial information. Make this more user friendly by increasing the tiny font and bulleting the key points under each segment.

2) The Missing Box: How do I pay? To find out the pricing, I have to click “Sign up now!” There should be a place right up front where the pricing structure is listed. Otherwise, customers may be turned off by the amount of searching it takes to find the pricing structure and leave the site feeling as if they were about to get duped.

1) Choose: Sadly, nothing happens when you hit “choose” except that the circle to the left gets filled in. Make the customer feel like they are choosing more than a dot – change the color of the choose box or light up a border around the larger box – just put away the dorky black dot.

2) Question on Pricing: So you need a doctor ASAP and you have insurance…too bad, you still have to pay $39, even if your typical copay is $20. I wonder what research the Company did on picking the per doctor call pricing of $35.

1) Too High Tech: The problem with trying to be too high tech is that there isn’t a place where I can type a sentence describing my medical issue. I’d rather type in my problem than say it verbally or use a webcam, especially if I am in a place with poor / slow service.

2) What’s Missing: At the very least, there should be a dropdown menu with aliments to chose from such as allergies, pain, coughing, etc.

For those of you who want to give the service a try, the code “ringafreedoc” will get you one free trial.

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One thought on “Ringadoc: Good Concept, Site Leaves me Unconvinced

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